Fundraising Partnerships

2016-2017 Jordan School District Approved School Fund Raisers 

The following companies have received the required State Fundraising Permit or Commercial Co-Venture letter for the 2016-2017 school year and have become partners with the Foundation. All School-, PTA- or Community Council-sponsored fund raisers must be included on the following approve fund raiser or co-venturer lists. 




Apex Leadership Company 

Apex Fun Runs

Bahama Bucks

Big Brothers Big Sisters 

Bobby Lawrence Karate

Blue 7 Marketing / Utah Fundraising

Chords of Joy

Club Choice Fundraising (including Otis Spunkmeyer)

Family Tae Kwon Do

Computers for Education / ASD Com INC

FatBoy Ice Cream

Custom Fundraising Solutions

Flap Jack Drizzle

Dehaan Enterprises Inc

Free Volt


Honeybaked Ham Company

Free Water Marketing

Invisus LLC

K-12 Fundraising, Inc.

JBY Company LLC dba Farm Fresh Fundraisers

Lemon Drop Lane, LLC (Wasatch Savings contact)

King's Calendars

Safe Fundraising

Lagoon Marketing

**Snap-Raise (Snap Mobile LLC)

Lehi Roller Mills

TriQuest LLC

MobiCard USA 

Wasatch Savings Inc.

Pizza Pie Cafe

World's Finest Chocolate

Team Marketing System


Total Merchant Services

Winder Farm





 ** Please contact Jordan Education Foundation prior to using this fundraising company